Bush home by Paul Couch

_set in rural Victoria, Australia, architect Paul Couch hand built his house over a 20 year period

_photography by Tom Ross


_Couch attended the University of Melbourne amid the strengthening postwar ambitions of the Architecture Faculty pioneered by Professor Brian Lewis, Fritz Janeba and Zdenko Strizic


_Couch then joined the firm of Grounds, Romberg and Boyd and worked with each of the Partners.   He continued to work with Robin Boyd until 1971 and returned to Romberg & Boyd as a Director in 1980


_Couch remains in practice, with specific skills including the design of fire-proof housing, and a unique Australian approach to design that reflects the values of the international modern movement


Béton brut

_State Public Offices, Geelong, Australia

_architect Buchan Laird & Buchan now Buchan Group

_”concrete is a very intractable material, but it can be a beautiful material if it is used in the way its own nature intends it to be used … It is a sort of sculpture that you can only do with reinforced concrete, but you need to work to a certain scale … It is not a cosy little material.”

_Denys Lasdun

















_photos John Jovic


Edition Office

_model for the twin pavilions, Hawthorn House by Edition Office based in Melbourne

_directors Aaron Roberts and Kim Bridgland speak of the necessity for  dissonance within architecture, its ability to “dilate” and “sensitise”.  A building must quietly yet firmly awake and invigorate one’s appreciation for its landscape.  This consciousness provides a sympathy and sensitivity for the environment, rather than imitating and reflecting the landscape.

















_model made from mild steel and reclaimed Silvertop Ash

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